Community Service

Requests for Services

The club receives a wide variety of requests for its services.  For management purposes, it has divided them into three categories:  Community Service Project Requests, Contract Service Requests, and, Requests for Donations to Fundraisers.  All three are described below.  Community Service Projects are considered to be “club” projects because members doing this work represent the club and club management is most often involved.  On the other hand, Contract Service Requests and Requests for Donations to Fundraisers are not considered to be “club” projects, because members participate as individuals, representing themselves, with no club involvement beyond publicizing the request.

Community Service Project Requests

The club receives many requests for woodworking projects from individuals and organizations in the area, e.g., requests for furniture repair, tables, shelving, signs, birdhouses, lecterns, cutouts, and wheelchair ramps.  Many requests are from churches and charitable organizations.  These requests are often charitable in nature and are undertaken because the club’s unique knowledge, skills, and abilities can be employed to do work that would otherwise be either impossible or difficult for the requestor to do.  These requests are made known to club members using and in most cases one or more club members will volunteer to do the project, charging neither for their labor nor the use of their equipment or supplies.  The requestor frequently buys the material, but sometimes either the club or the club member doing the work donates it.  Club officers will sometimes get involved in coordinating large projects.  The club vice president reports on the status of community service projects at both Board Meetings and General Meetings.

Contract Service Requests

The club also receives requests, mostly from individuals, where the requestor is looking to hire a club member to do a woodworking project.  These requests are advertised on and any member interested in taking on the project is put in touch with the requestor.  At this point, the club has no further involvement in the project and keeps no records of it.  Assuming there is interest, the club member and the requestor come to terms on the project’s composition and costs.

Requests for Donations to a Fundraiser

The club also receives requests to donate handcrafted items to organizations that plan to sell them to raise funds.  These requests are advertised on  The advertisement will identify the requestor’s contact information.  Members choosing to donate will make their own make arrangements to get their donations to the requestor.  The club vice president will inform the requestor that the request has been advertised and that they will be contacted by any member choosing to donate, not the club.  At this point, the club has no further involvement in the donations and keeps no record of donations made.