Tools Available To Members

As a member benefit, there are many tools available for your use.  There are three types of tools:

  • Large stationary shop tools owned by the club, located in club member shops. These “Keeper”, club members, are responsible for maintaining the tool and making it available to you, free of charge.
  • The club also owns a number of loaner portable tools that can be used in a member’s own shop, also free of charge.
  • Lastly, many club members have made their personal tools available to other members. Most of these can be borrowed from the owner and used in your own shop.  Other are large stationary tools that must be used in the owners shop.

To use any of these tools, simply call the owner (or keeper) and make arrangements to use it. Please make sure that if you borrow portable tools, you use them promptly and return it the owner in a timely manner.

The following is a consolidated alphabetized list of available tools showing:

  • A description of the tool
  • If the tool is owned by the club or a club member,
  • Whether the tool is portable, and
  • The keeper/owner.
Avaliable Tools 2