Technique & Skill Assistance

To help develop woodworking skills, a number of members have volunteered to help answer questions and guide other club members in a specific woodworking skill.  If you want to learn a new skill or improve on an existing skill, simply call the mentor and make arrangements to talk or meet.



Phone #

Finishing/Refinishing Dick Hoffmann 458-0455
Inlays Dick Hoffmann 458-0455
Intarsia Rick Mannarino 657-9482
Joinery Jerry Jeffery 408-1173
Marquetry Ted Lethen 408-3151
Turning Dick Hoffmann
Tom Borloglou
Veneering Bill Peterson 458-2997

The Public Library at Tellico Village also maintains a large number of books and videos on woodworking that can be checked out  These include various woodworking books, books on wooden toys, instructional DVDs ,and DVDs of past club programs.