Toys For Tots: A Description of the Partnership Program

Loudon County Sheriff’s Department & Tellico Village Woodworkers

The Toys-For-Tots program goes to the heart of the Tellico Village Woodworkers. This annual Toys-For-Tots event was started in 1998. Each December members present to the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office toys made by individuals or teams of woodworkers.

Each year the club provides the Loudon County Sheriff with hundreds of toys for needy children at Christmas. Many of these are made by club members.  Building these toys provides an opportunity for members to share their knowledge and skills and get to know each other better.  Some club members work alone, but groups of woodworkers are commonly formed.  The club also collects hundreds of commercial toys via drop boxes that it places throughout Tellico Village.

In the years since the Loudon County Sheriff’s / Tellico Village Woodworker’s Toys-For-Tots program has been conducted, the Tellico Village Woodworkers Club members have built and donated more than 9,000 wooden toys.

Watch 2017 Toys For Tots Presentation on YouTube (Click Here)